Overfiftycarinsurance.co.uk - my opinion

Style and Design

The first thing that you notice when overfiftycarinsurance.co.uk/index.html loads is that the style and design differs from most websites as it is more simplistic without a left or right positioned menu bar. My first thought was that this website looks more like a lengthy sales page as opposed to a professional insurance website.

However, I do like the simple colour scheme with the beige and blues hues throughout. It keeps things clean, consistent and simple and I think it will appeal to the older car driver.


A plus of the layout is that it makes the website extremely easy to navigate. It's simple to find out how to contact the company, how to compare quotes and how to navigate your way back to the home page. Even someone with very little digital know-how will be able to find their way around this website and quickly locate the information that they are looking for.


There is a lot of text on the landing page, which is unusual for a car insurance website. Personally, I feel like this is too much text to be placed on one page - particularly a landing page. An idea would be to move some of the text to a FAQ section where visitors can find answers to common questions, as some people may be put off by seeing this lengthy text as soon as they arrive on the site. However, I do like the way there are large, bold headings and plenty of paragraphs which do help to improve the content's scanability. I like the included graph and find it to be informative and easy to understand.

The 'useful information' sections could work well as a 'blog'. If this was updated regularly it would help to improve  SEO and attract more customers to the website. Another idea is to include more images to break up the text and make it easier to read.

Contact Form

The contact form is easy enough to find, but I feel it could improvedt by writing a message that lets people know that the owners are happy to help, and also how long they can expect to wait before getting an answer from them. This would make the customer experience nicer and more personal.


I think overfiftycarinsurance.co.uk is a useful website for it's target audience which could be a very useful one with a little extra work.