Texting Your Insurance Away

Everyone knows not to text while driving, but everyone still does it, including and especially my 20 year old daughter.

She still lives with us, and is young enough to be included on our insurance policy. However, the last time she bumped someone's fender, our insurance company informed us that not only were our rates going up, but they were changing our policy to exclude any accident caused by negligence through texting. Well, we were incensed, but no other insurance company would even insure us because of the number of accidents she had been in. We just had to grin and bear it.

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 knew she wasn't going to stop texting, not for the world, and she kind of has me wrapped around her little finger, so it's not like I can yell at her and tell her to stop. A lawyer friend of mine proposed a solution - short term car insurance which will cover those things that our regular insurance company would not. He also recommended a few companies with much less regulation than the larger companies. Although this at first made me skeptical of those companies, he told me that they were just as legitimate as the big guys, but because of their small size, they had to open their doors to higher risk customers. I didn't have much choice, so I checked them out.

I ended up purchasing a short term policy for my daughter to last the summer until she went back to college, where she would not be allowed to drive (I would not buy her a car). Wouldn't you know it, but she rear ends someone else again while texting.

This particular person just so happened to be an off duty police officer who scared the dickens out of my daughter by reciting legally just how much trouble she would be in if he was on duty. It was a lesson that would have cost me a lot more money if not for the short term insurance policy I had taken out on her only weeks before. Don't worry, she's a much better driver now. And I am learning how not to fall for her every whim!

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